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Photo-Electric Switches




Model :  EE8123-821  230VAC 50Hz       
  Operating Voltage range:  210 to 250VAC      
  Load current Capacity :  3 Amps      
  Light Level  :  to turn lamp ON ….      40 Lux (approx.)    
    :  to turn lamp OFF….    120 Lux (approx.)     
  Power Consumption    :  less than 6mA      
  Maximum Number of Lamps to be controlled directly:      
  Incandescent Lamps    :  10 of  60W       
  Fluorescent Lamps       :  6 of  40W      
  Mercury Lamps            :  3 of  80W/100W/125W      
  or :  1 of  200W/250W/300W      
Model :  EE8020-821  230VAC 50Hz      
  Operating Voltage range  : 210 to 250VAC      
  Load current Capacity  : 10 Amps      
  Light Level  : to turn lamp ON …..      50 Lux (approx.)
    : to turn lamp OFF…..    200 Lux (approx.) 
  Power Consumption  : less than 10mA  
  Maximum Number of Lamps to be controlled directly:  
  Incandescent Lamps   :  30 of   60W  OR  
    20 of 100W  
  Fluorescent Lamps       :  23 of  40W   
  Mercury Lamps            :  10 of  80W/100W  
  or :    8 of  125W  
  or :    5 of  200/250W  
  or :    4 of  300W      
  or :    3 of  400W      
  or :    1 of  700W/1000W      
NOTE: If higher load current capacity is required for controlling greater number of lamps, please use   
  NATIONAL Green Power Contactors with the above EE SWITCHES.    
For Automatic Switching of Garden lamps, Gate lamps, Window & Showcase lamp, shopping arcades,   
  Illuminated signs and Street lamps      
For Automatic Switching of Factory and Work site lamps.    
Model: EE8020-821 is particularly suitable for roads & highways lighting and park lighting.  
No false switching due to momentary high brightness such as from Automobile headlights.  
Un-affected by light from controlled lamps due to downward mounting.    
High Speed Switching mechanism.      
EE Switches are provided with built-in arresters for protection against Lightning surge.    
NOTE: This list is subject to change without notice and goods being in stock.  The prices in the list are reference prices 
  and not sale  prices.    Discounts/Multipliers  are  applicable.    The  delivery,  packing  and forwarding  charges 
  are  extra.    All despatches are made on buyer’s risk and account    


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