Jubilee Electric Company

Push Bottons, Pilot Lights & Control Switches


Push Buttons:            
Round Push Buttons, 22/25mm Dia, Green. S2PR-P1GA   1A    
Round Push Buttons, 22/25mm Dia, Red. S2PR-P1RB   1B    
Round Push Buttons, 22/25mm Dia, Black. S2PR-P1KA   1A    
Push Button (Emergency), S2ER-E3RB   1B    
22/25mmDia, Head Dia: 40mm, Red          
Push-Lock / Turn-Reset            
Selector Switches:            
Selector Switch, 22/25mm Dia, S2SR-S4WA   1A    
2-position, black knob with          
White arrow indicator, ON-OFF          
Selector Switch, 22/25mm Dia, S2SR-S8W2A   2A    
3-Position, black knob with          
White arrow indicator, ON-OFF-ON          
Double Push Button: (ON/OFF)          
Double Push Button, 22/25mm  S2TR-P1WAB   1A+1B    
Dia, AC type 110-220VAC            
Double Push Button, 22/25mm Dia S2TR-P3WABL 1A+1B    
Ac type 110-220VAC, with LED          
block (illuminated, White)          
Pilot Lights:            
9.    Pilot Light w/Round Head, AC type L2RR-L3L        
110-220V, 22/25mm Dia, With Red,          
Green, Yellow, White & Blue Color          
Illuminated Push Buttons:    
Push Button Switches, 22/25mmS2PR-P3GAL 1A 
Dia, AC type 110-220VAC, Green,N.O.    
Push Button Switches, 22/25mmS2PR-P3RBL 1B 
Dia, AC type 110-220VAC, Red,N.C.    
Push Button Switches, 22/25mm                         S2PR-P3RABL        1A+ 1B  
Dia, AC type 110-220VAC, Red,N.O.+N.C.    
Push Button Switches, 22/25mm                                        S2PR-P3GABL  1A+ 1B 
Dia, AC type 110-220VAC, Green,N.O.+N.C.    
Optional Accessories:        
Contact Block suitable for items 1 to 13 (Green N.O.) SA-CA   1A  
Contact Block suitable for item 1 to 13 (Red N.C.) SA-CB   1B  
Emergency Switch nameplate SA-NS   ---  
Suitable for item no 4          
LED Block 12-24V AC/DCsuitable for item 7 to 13 SA-LD   ---  
LED Block 110-220V ACsuitable for item 7 to 13 SA-LA   ---  
Water proof cap for Push Button for item 1-3 SA-WP   ---  
Water proof cap for illuminated SA-WL   ---  
Push Button for item 10-13        
Locking Ring Wrench (Locking Handle) SA-LH   ---  
for mounting ring          


Magnetic Buzzer:          
12-24VDC, 22/25mm Dia   B2NB-B1D      
Continuous / intermitted sound selectable,         
Strong Bass, operation indicator (Green LED)        
Switch Boxes (Square Type):        
Switch Box, 2-hole,                                                                       SA-SB2            ----    
Hole size: 22.5/25.5mm          
Switch Box, 3-hole,                                                                           SA-SB3    ----     
Hole size: 22.5/25.5mm          
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