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Rotary Encoders

  ROTARY ENCODERS    Full range of Rotary Encoders available from Autonics    
  Rotary Encoders, Shaft Type          
  Type: E50S8-360-3-1-24             
  ·    Shaft Φ 8mm            
  ·    Body Dia: 50mm            
  ·    Totem Pole Output            
  ·    360 Pulses/revolution          
  ·    Max. Frequency response 180kHz          
  ·    Power Supply: 12 to 24VDC ± 5%          
  This list is subject to change without notice and goods being in stock.  The prices in the list are reference   
  prices and not sale  prices.    Discounts/Multipliers  are  applicable.    The  delivery,  packing  and forwarding  
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